CATA Conway Regional Classic stone Cold, can’t miss picks

Crystal Ball

Well here we are again with another Arkansas Cup Series tourney and here are my picks. I have one of my famous coorsitas by my side and I apologize on the front end to all of my picks. Good luck overcoming my curse.

Here is my most confident pick of the week: It will rain!!!! I don’t envy Wyatt Milller at all this weekend. He is fresh off the Fast 4 format so might as well just use this as a warm up for the qualifier in May.

MEN’S Doubles

3.0 I don’t know if I have ever picked Brother Nipper and Nathan Cooper, but here we are. These guys are steady eddy in the 3.0 division. Time to see how good you are!!!!

3.5 This one is a true toss-up. I really am torn between a bunch of teams here. You have “Pretty Boy” Harvard up in the #1 seed, always tough Donnie B and Drew Taylor down in the #2 seed, then an all-out royal rumble in the middle!!! I am sticking with my data guy Aguilar and Anderson to come out in this one!!

4.0 Boy this one is a bit tricky. I am going with the old guard in Jackson/ Jones to beat out these young guns in this one. Also, I’m not sure this post will ever get published and my website might crash if I don’t pick Steve. Oh wait, it might happen if I do too… Oh well, I think these guys have seen it all and will win out!!!

3.0 over 40, So the “I don’t want to play with kids’ division is pretty solid. I am going to pick Lloyd/ Maher to win this one.


3.0 I am going to keep picking my guy Blake Wiggins every time. This is hands down the most athletic guy in the entire tourney and I get to see him get better every week at drills. Also, if you need a racket, this dude is a walking Tennis Warehouse. I am not kidding he has a bunch of rackets. And he bought new shoes this week…

3.5 I will never bet against 2 fists of fury, Rey Koplen. This guy is a machine and at 3.5 really tough. Angtuaco is very steady and if Rey is off his game, he will get beat.

Conway Tennis Center

4.0 Richer Fincher has played and won more matches at 4.0 than most of the field combined. He even won the last Cup tourney at Chenal CC, the dude still can’t get love and get a #1 seed. I saw him hitting today and he looked great. Fincher wins hands down!!!

4.5 Well look at this singles draw. You have a bit of everything. I don’t know where to go here. I want to pick Kyle “how in the world are you a #1 seed?” Garretson. But there is too much firepower in the lower end of the draw. I am going out on a limb and say that Forrest Hickey will take this one. The last few times I saw Forrest play, he was lights out.

3.0 over 40 I am picking Jeremy “Megadeath” Partin in this draw. He wins at 18s and he will have no problem here.


2.5 McNeeley/Retzloff are the #1 seed for good reason and they will prove it this weekend. Shannon has been injured, but I bet she comes back strong.

3.0 Glenn/ Godoy won Chenal and I think they will keep their winning ways. Some folks in the draw I don’t know, so it could be a toss-up. But these ladies are up for the challenge.

3.5 I picked Mackenzie before and she was mad, so I am doing it again. We will see if Emily can overcome my bad luck to make me correct this week. Also, Adrian threatened me not to pick her again.

3.0 over 40 Meek/ Ford are super tough and I think these ladies will do it again.

3.0 over 55 Fresh off of a lesson with me, Dick/Kogut will be victorious. Tena, remember to poach up the middle balls!!!!

3.5 over 55 Boone/Perry will be a tough team to deal with this weekend.


Conway Tennis Center

2.5 Jorjean has picked up a check at the High Stakes Shootout, so I am picking her this weekend.

3.0 I am picking a newbie this week in Ashley Alexander. We see if my curse travels across state lines…

3.5 Rachel Meredith. This is a guess…..

4.5 Look at fellow fast 4 housemates Ashley Younger stepping up and playing with the big girls. Starfish better bring it and let’s see if those serves come back in Arkansas. Spot her 2-0 and a serve and your chances actually go up…..

3.5 40+ I see posts all the time for Hope Rider running all over the city, so I have to assume she is in shape for singles. Also, she donated for Albert’s (foster dog) care. That gets you a mention every time.


6.0 I am really sure a married couple or a Dudley will win this weekend, but I am not sure who. I am going with Dudley/Cortright this weekend because #ketsu and Tiny Pony wouldn’t forgive me if I picked against his biggest fan.

7.0 Can’t go against the Manasco’s here. They beat 8.5 teams in fast 4 in the fall and they are tough.

8.0 It’s been a while since a #millered has been out, but I am guessing it’s happening this weekend. Fellow lefty and 1T will win this round robin. Kinda wished I would have played now……

This concludes my expert breakdown of this weekend’s tourney. Take it or leave it, it doesn’t matter. But if you have a comment or want to take part in submitting your picks let me know. If you beat me, I will give you some AR Cup swag. You know that is good stuff too.

We’ll be posting updates to Twitter and such over the weekend. You can also check results on the USTA Tournament page.

2 thoughts on “CATA Conway Regional Classic stone Cold, can’t miss picks”

  1. 4.0 Doubles: Jackson/Jones win for the over40 crowd
    3.5S Angtuaco, have seen him smashing with Raul
    4.0S The rarely seen Richard Fincher
    4.5S Hickey over Mesaris, WC would be Eibes
    4.5S Ladies: Preston
    7.0 MXD: Aguilar, W / Lynch, A
    8.0 MXD: Mesaris/Balkman riding Mesaris big serve to the finish line

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