First Arkansas Cup Standings – 2021

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Arkansas Cup Rankings

The results are in from the Chenal Adult Spring Championships, the first tournament of the year, and the first Arkansas Cup standings of 2021 have been posted to the site. View the full results here.

Current leaders by category are:

Men’s Singles:

  • 2.5 – James Davidson
  • 3.0 – Harrison Heien
  • 3.5 – Whit Cox
  • 4.0 – Richard Fincher
  • 4.5+ – Lee Mesaris

Women’s Singles:

  • 2.5 – Kristen Reynolds
  • 3.0 – Amber Montgomery/Carmen Scruggs tied for 1st
  • 3.5 – Angela Shelby
  • 4.0 – No participants
  • 4.5 – No participants

Men’s Doubles:

  • 2.5 – Santosh Arekar
  • 3.0 – Matt Brashear/Robert Dudley tied for 1st
  • 3.5 – Jake Anderson/Will Aguilar tied for 1st
  • 4.0 – Chris Simon/Greg Jones tied for 1st
  • 4.5+ – Casey Garretson/Julio Olaya tied for 1st

Women’s Doubles:

  • 2.5 – No participants
  • 3.0 – Summer Khari
  • 3.5 – Emily Keathley
  • 4.0 – Ashley Younger/Deanna Garretson tied for 1st
  • 4.5+ – No participants

The Delta Cup Event “Let’s Rally for Hub” will wrap up later today and we’ll post when those results have been added to the current Arkansas Cup standings. Check NEA Tennis’ Facebook page for updates on how that event is going.

Many thanks to Will Aguilar for tabulating the results. After we get the results of “Let’s Rally for Hub”, the site will include links to the spreadsheets that show players’ earned points for each tournament.

If there are any questions about the results posted, please let Steve know that there’s maybe a typo. The tabulation process is currently very manual, but as with other things related to the site, there are big plans in the works.

Thanks for reading. Sharing this content will help raise awareness of the site so we appreciate you helping spread the word.