CATA Conway Regional Tournament Recap

Tennis ball in the Rain

Well here it is Monday morning and I am pretty sure Wyatt is still putting on Fast 4 courts somewhere. Unfortunately, one of the few picks I was correct on was the rain. It caused huge delays and forced short sets all tournament long. It seems like Wyatt and the team did a good job at communicating and I know it’s a lot of work to basically redo an entire tourney draw on the fly. The worst nightmare for tourney directors is rain and when you have almost 2 days of it, it turns into a huge cluster f@$%.

On to congratulate all of the Winners this weekend. Looks like some really solid matches were played. As usual, I was right on point with my picks with 8/23 divisions picked properly. So what have we learned from this weekend? Don’t get upset if I don’t pick you, because your chances of winning just increased, and cringe if I do pick you because you are now battling against “the curse” now.


2.5 dubs Edwards Mcneely/Retzloff

2.5 Singles Anna Currie

3.0 dubs Glenn/ Godoy

3.5 Dubs Howell/ Lynch

3.0 55+ dubs Battisto/Neumeier

3.5 50+ dubs Horne/Henson

3.0 Singles Tiffany Garretson

3.5 Singles Carmen Scruggs

4.5 Singles Christian Lenderman

3.5 40+ Singles Hope Rider


3.0 Dubs Glenn/Glazier

3.5 Dubs Aguilar/Anderson

4.0 Dubs Sykes/Dority

3.0 40+ Firmin/Potter

3.0 Singles Currie

3.5 Singles Rey Koplen (2 fists of fury)

4.0 Singles Richard Fincher

4.5 Singles Scott Eibes

3.0 40+ Singles Jeremy Partin


6.0 A. Dudley/ Brashear

7.0 Manasco’s

8.0 Mesaris/Balkman

On to the 3rd tourney in the cup series!

Otter Creek is May 28-30 so mark off your calendars. Also, go to or for links and other news and notes.

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