Day One Recap – Day Two Schedule

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Wyatt and Brad

Friday – Day 1 Results

Men’s 5.0 Doubles – Wyatt Miller/Brad Phelps lost 1-4, 1-4 to Arrezola/Lazarin from Texas, who went on to win their second match of the day 4-3, 4-2 over Wyatt and Brad’s Saturday opponent.

Men’s 4.5 Doubles – Braden Eads/Greg Gilliam lost 1-4, 1-4 to Cato/Sultani then rolled 4-1, 4-0 over Bertailee/Nguyen of California. Next up is Behm/Heydari of Colorado, who is 1-1 in the pool.

Men’s 4.5 Doubles – Casey Garretson/Brandon Kiker won 4-2, 4-1 over Gilmer/Del Campo of Texas. Their next opponent is Dunn/Walters from Jacksonville, FL, who topped Gilliam/Del Campo 4-2, 4-2.

Women’s 4.0 Doubles – Melanie Kiker/Ashley Younger took on two opponents from the Midwest, falling short against Leonard/Ostrwoski from McCordsville, IN 2-4, 2-4, and then to Derouin/Young from Minneapolis. They’ll face some neighbors from Texas Saturday in Lombardo/Muller who are 1-1 in the draw.

Men’s 3.5 Doubles – Timothy Grailer/Charles Yeager fought a tough one with Clough/Walker of Georgetown, TX coming up just short 4-3, 3-4, 1-4. Their next match was another three-setter with the score 4-3, 1-4, 2-4 going to Greer/White from Utah. Next for Timothy and Charles is Ghosh/Petmezis from Massachusetts.

Women’s 3.5 Doubles – Lynette Bowersock/Lori Brown lost their first match 1-4, 1-4 to Dean/Payton of Indiana and then had another tough match against Jasken/Talley of Texas 2-4, 0-4. Two more matches for them on Saturday.

Men’s 3.0 Doubles – John Lane/Brice Sisco dropped two matches. First against Bosquez/Casias from Texas, 1-4, 1-4 then against Aguirre/Daly from Las Vegas. Their next opponent is Nielsen/West from Olympia, WA who is also 0-2 in the draw.

Women’s 3.0 Doubles – Kara Adams/Alia Lyle beat Kalbach/Pearson from Wisconsin and Colorado (how do they ever play together?) 4-0 and 4-3. Later they dropped their match against Reynolds/Walker of Texas 2-4, 0-4. Next up is Belden/Harrington from Oregon who are 1-1 in the draw.

Women’s 3.0 Doubles – Carrie Curtis/Glenna Gilliam fell in their first match 2-4, 1-4 against Buck/Stevens of Granite Bay, CA. They next play Hudler/Lundell of Austin, TX who topped Buck/Stevens 4-3, 4-3.

Saturday – Day 2 Schedule

All times listed are local Phoenix times, which is one hour behind Central time.

Braden Eads/Greg Gilliam play @ 8:00 AM.
Casey Garretson/Brandon Kiker play @ 8:00 AM.
Lynette Bowersock/Lori Brown play @ 8:00 AM and 12:30 PM.
Melanie Kiker/Ashley Younger play @ 9:30 AM.
Timothy Grailer/Charles Yeager play @ 10:00 AM.
Kara Adams/Alia Lyle play @ 11:30 AM.
Carrie Curtis/Glenna Gilliam play @ 11:30 AM.
John Lane/Brice Sisco play @ 12:00 PM.
Wyatt Miller/Brad Phelps play @ 12:30 PM.

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Good luck everybody!

Links to the Draws and schedules here.

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