Delta Cup Tennis Series

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Arkansas Cup Tennis Foundation and NEATennis have joined forces to make the Delta Cup Tennis Series!

This will be a 3 tournament series and will have its own prizes and standings. If you don’t regularly play in Northeast Arkansas, this is your chance to do so and pick up Arkansas Cup bonus points. If you travel to play in an event outside your home series, you will gain 150 bonus points to your home series standings (based on your home location). For example, Little Rock players will get 150 points for every Delta Cup event added to their Arkansas Cup series standings. Same if Jonesboro players participate in an Arkansas Cup event.

The goal is to increase participation in tournaments and to promote travel and encourage players to go outside their home base. Mark your calendar for these dates:

We would like to thank Patrick Malone and the team at NEA tennis for supporting Arkansas Cup Tennis Foundation and growing tennis in Arkansas.