Fast 4 Nationals recap

This recap isn’t about who won or lost, or what any score was this weekend. It is why we play this great sport. Tennis is about the social interaction, it’s about building friendships where we would have never met before.

This weekend had some great moments, by the way, congrats to Tim Grailer and Charles Yeager for winning their bracket, and it had some low moments on the court. But it was full of amazing time with friends and more laughs than I can count. This is really why we play this sport. We aren’t going to quit our jobs and hit the tour, but we are going to go away for the weekend and stay in a house with 9 people and laugh and enjoy these moments so much.

Oh, and yes we played tennis. Sometimes it was really good tennis too. We met folks from Washington, Fargo, North Dakota, Indiana, Texas, and Florida. We drank a beer with them and had a great time. Sometimes we won and sometimes they did, but at the end of the day, we all enjoyed being in the amazing weather, and just appreciated the social aspect.

We laughed, we laughed so much that I’m sore. We played poker and discovered hidden foosball skills. There are pics and videos that are sworn to secrecy, only to be used as blackmail against each other. But that is really what these trips are about. We all came down with hopes of winning national titles, but we all just needed a fun weekend with good friends.

I am so fortunate that Casey needed a partner and I am glad I didn’t let him down too much. It was awesome to have 5.0’s hanging around watching the 3.0 matches and everyone rooting on each other from Arkansas. We have a great group of tennis family here and I can’t wait for the next trip!!!

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