Otter Creek TCBY Memorial Day Tournament

OC Memorial Day Tournament

The TCBY Memorial Day Tournament held at Otter Creek Racquet Club is quickly approaching. The deadline to enter is May 25th, 9 pm, but don’t wait until the last moment. (Please don’t wait! All tennis tournament directors beg you to sign up early!!) Not only is this a great time to play tennis, but this has been a player favorite for well over 10 years. Need more reasons??? Let’s roll out the top 10 reasons to play in the tourney!!

10. The lakes will be too crowded!!! We have all seen Lake Hamilton have boats on fire or some other crazy thing happen on the lake. Every new boater in all of Arkansas will wind up on a lake this weekend and you don’t want to be caught in all of that!

9. Arkansas Cup sponsored player party!! Come on, you know if Mat Miller and Brandon Kiker are in charge of a party, its going down!!!!!

8. Last chance to play a tourney before its 90+ degrees!!! We have all either seen or been carted off in an ambulance at these tourneys, its about to get really hot and the weather is mid 80’s next weekend!!! Bring some sun screen!!

Every winner covets the Rob photo!!

7. Get your picture with Rob!!! One of the most coveted photos in the tennis world is to get your photo with Rob once you win. No matter how busy he is, he stops to take that photo. I have to have a big fake check and actually pay you money to take a photo with me…..

6. There’s a great chance Fireball will be available. Mike Brooks will be around, throw in a Lanier Corbin and there is a good time right there!!!

5. You might get picked in the tourney pick ’em post!! What a great honor to be seen as a top player in your draw!! Or it’s a curse you can’t overcome. However, you won’t know if you don’t sign up to play!!!

2014 8.0 mixed champs

4. The amazing friendships. This is why I play tennis. Sitting out on the bleachers watching mixed matches on Friday night. Hanging out with all of the players, laughing until our sides hurt. That is what a tourney at Otter Creek is all about. My best memories are from those courts. My first mixed match with Melanie Kiker came at the OC memorial day tourney. You will have a great time.

3. Arkansas Cup points race is heating up!! Go get those points before its all too late!! See the current standings right here:

2. It’s Rob and Gail!!!! The 2 most liked tennis pros in the world probably. Rob is the hardest working person I know and someone I try to model myself after. He is my role model, life coach, mentor, and I’m very lucky to call him my friend.


Click the link and sign up today!! Don’t wait and make Rob start sweating!!!

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