Paws at the Net not so correct picks

Well after a year off, the Paws at the Net tourney is back again!!! It is a player favorite and all for a great cause. The weather will be warm so make sure you hydrate and stay in the shade. So let’s get right down to the mostly guess picks for this weekend!!!

Men’s Dubs
– Gotta stick with the Nipper/Cooper #1 seed. They have won a bunch and I think the trend continues!!!! Even though the Bender/ Partin duo is my dark horse second pick.
3.5 – Manasco/Padgett have too much firepower in this RR. There will be some good matches but I think they pull it out.
4.0 – Men’s 4.0 or better yet, men’s 3.5 plus or men’s 3.75 interim- I’m picking up the true duo of 4.0’s Slaughter/ Sykes to win this entertaining draw.
4.5 – I have to go with the dumpster fire of me/fox in this RR. Whatever happens, some naturdays will be consumed for sure.

Men’s Singles
2.5 – I’m picking Drew San Juan because he has the coolest name!!! I’m sure Tay already has them on his 3.0 team for 2023.
3.0 – This is a tricky one. I’m going with Santosh to win a grueling 3rd set vs Jeremy (megadeath) Partin in the finals.
3.5 – Going with the old favorite of AJ “Hollywood” to win this one more.
4.0 – Can 2 Fists of Fury stay healthy thru his draw to win?? I am going with upset of David Newton in this draw.
4.5 – I’m going with Greg Gilliam in a tough 3rd set vs Lee in yet another meeting vs these two.

Women’s Dubs
2.5 – Picking Tulsi/Richards to win this ladies’ draw.
3.0 -Going with the always tough and feisty Simon/Godoy to make it thru this draw. It’s a monster draw and will be tough to win.
3.5 -Manasaco/Hunt will be tough to beat this weekend, but the matches will all be very tough.
4.0 – Melanie/Mary will win their draw this weekend. It will be tough in my house if this pick wasn’t made.

Women’s singles
2.5 – I’m guessing with Kristy Tabor this weekend
3.0 – Sticking with the #1 seed to win out. Abby Richards
3.5 – Carmen Scruggs
4.0 – Ayonna Preston will grind this one out.

5.0 – Picking the #1 seed in this one. Hall/Humphrey Purely a guess
6.0 – Picking the Lanes this weekend. It’s Johnny’s birthday today so wish him a happy bday this weekend.
7.0 – This is a loaded-up draw. I think Dudly/Funderburg will win this one loaded with 8.0 players
8.0 – Let/s hope that Sellew doesn’t get #millered this weekend, but I’m picking these 2 to run the table.

Looks like a great weekend for a great cause!!!!

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